Bertha Carver

At that invests time with me the business owner and clearly explains how the numbers work.

I have been in business over 30 years and always had difficulty in getting my head around the financials of the company, always concerned about the time my accountant invests with me and never quite sure that I am receiving the best adive for my business focus and future.

Wayne Oliver at Synergistic Outcomes has now cleared up this haze and together we have planned the financial future of my business with clear budgets, forecasts and starting position to launch me from, monthly statements that clearly show a dash board of where the business is heading. It is really great to have a clear financial vision and an accountant that has the time to come to my office and discuss the numbers, assist with the forecasts and financial impact of every business decision before I make it.

Thanks Wayne.

Bertha Carver

P3 International Ltd.